A house for the future

1 . Prize in open project competition

Parking garage/ culture HUB in Ørestad Copenhagen

Ongoing- completion 2026

Building for the future

The future is unpredictable. That's why we need to build buildings that are flexible, can transform over time, and are built to accommodate new, yet unknown programs.

We propose a rational, vibrant building, built to change over time to the functions that the future needs. By incorporating flexibility from the start, we get a parking garage that is also profitable in a longer perspective. Financially, socially and resource-wise.


We suggest replacing the concrete building system with a simple wooden column/beam system and incorporating a flexible buildingstructure from the start, that can change over time. Extra ceiling height on the top floor and the inclusion of flexible demountable decks enable the building to accommodate whatever programs the future may require.


Os arkitekter

Studio HARA

Arkitekt Simon Hald

Holst Enginering

Prip Brandrådgivning Aps.


Aaen Engineering

Zero Engineering

Physical model 1:20

Model 1:20

Facade as a parking garage

Possible facade after a transformation


Visualization / ground floor

Facade render